BOOM is a modern studio of progressive cycling (spinning) workouts. Each lesson - it is training designed specifically to give the tone throughout the body and cleanse your consciousness. 30/45/60 minutes - each will pick up to itself style of employment to liking. We twist the pedals, forcing each muscle to work, getting a measured cardio load, and the rhythms of the music relax us and take us far away from worries!

What attracts us: All trainings pass under the unique list of musical compositions of each trainer, charging you with positive vibrations, forcing you to enter competition with your body, taking to a state of easy euphoria of excitement bicycle trips. Rhythms of music inspire you to do it again and again. Feel the rhythm. Get on the bike. Turn the pedals!

Objective: To feel the adrenaline pulsing in our body, to feel free and forget the worries and cares, release your thoughts, emotions to experience flight. At the end of each workout, we are maximally charged with positive and smiling. It is a moment of happiness and a new self. A moment of euphoria.

Why: We twist the pedals to get lost in the rhythms of music, dissolving in motion and an incendiary atmosphere led disco. We twist the pedals to become stronger, so that steel is better to become different, to find and find the best ones. Together we are as one. Together we are stronger.

In our studio , there are various workouts every day, seven days a week . Training can be booked for a week, or at any time, no later than 30 minutes before the start of the workout. You can choose the type and duration of the workout for yourself. You can pay as one training, and a package of training. After paying for the workout, you can choose any bike (bike) convenient for you in the hall. Beginners are advised to choose the bikes in the back rows to be able to observe the class and get involved in what is happening. The studio employees reserve the right to replace your place in the hall immediately after your arrival to create a special atmosphere and your convenience.
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List of expectations

Are you our client? Is your favorite workout fully booked? If there is a positive credit for training in your personal account, you can stand in the waiting queue for cancellations. Choose a workout, get in line!

A free bike appeared 12 hours or more before the start of training: the bike automatically switches to you. You will be notified. No confirmation is required from you. The cancellation policy is standard.

A free bike has appeared from 1 to 12 hours before the start of the workout: if you are still waiting in line, then the system will automatically add you to the class and withdraw funds for training. You will be notified. Cancellations do not work.

Free bike less than 2 hours before the start of training: Are you still in the queue and did not wait for free space in the classroom? Be ready for training - the employees of BOOM will contact you by phone. If you agree to visit, we write off the funds, in case of refusal of the visit, we call back the next on the waiting list, and your funds remain in your account.

Changed the circumstances? Can not do this? We ask you to cancel your reservation no later than 12 hours before the start of the training. The funds for the canceled training, in this case, will be returned to your account. If the training is canceled after 12 hours before the start, the cost of the training will be deducted from your account. New customers who canceled the training after 12 hours before the start of the class will have a virtual loan equal to the amount of the first trial workout.
Before training
Drink water: do not forget to drink plenty of water before exercise, and also drink during exercise. You can bring your bottle of water, or fill it in the cooler of the studio, or buy it in our bar.

Power: we ask you not to come to the training hungry! The last meal should be a few hours before training (1-3 hours), or a light snack no later than 30 minutes before class.

What to wear: we recommend wearing a light breathable top (top) and comfortable sports pants, or shorts. Wear comfortable sneakers, or take bicycle shoes in our studio, having previously indicated your size in your personal account. Own bike shoes (MTB SPD mounts) and bicycle clothes are welcome.

Hygiene: before training you will find a fresh face towel on your bike. Bring your towels adding paints BOOM even "behind the scenes" of our class. We give towels for rent at the reception desk. In the showers and locker rooms there are all necessary hygiene means.
Tune in
Please come in advance: Request to appear in the studio no later than 15 minutes before the beginning of the class. The worst thing to break into after the beginning of the lesson ... we do not want you to be uncomfortable. Our team will help you find your bike and customize it for you.

Registration: If you booked and paid for training on the site (it is more convenient for you) at the reception desk, you will be expected to see a list of agreements that you must personally sign at the first visit. At the next visits you will need to be registered at the reception each time, giving your name, or presenting a client card.

One-time training is paid at the reception desk, no later than 15-20 minutes before the start of training.

Bike settings: an instructor, or a free studio employee will help you customize your bike. Twist the pedals, try the position of the hands on the handlebar - everything should be comfortable. Three basic settings of the bike:

  1. Seat height (your hip level)
  2. Steering height (at the height of the seat / individually)
  3. Distance from the steering wheel (length of your forearm / individually)
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