BOOM Cycle - is a modern, comfortable and fashionable fitness and cycle studio in the heart of Moscow.

Cycle is a dynamic workout on bikes, which increases strength and endurance of the whole body. Cycle is the best way to loose excess weight, bring all muscles tuned up and powered, make your legs slim and bootie fit!

Coached by experienced and energetic trainer, you rush through simulated rough terrain, highway or take part in a race, climb a mountain or rush down, reducing or increasing your speed and load. Cycle class is covered with music and disco lights. Every trainer has his own character, style, intensity and charisma and you will never get boared in the class.

During our training you will change speed and load by:

  • speed of pedals spinning;
  • changing resistance level;
  • changing body position;
  • body lifts in motion and other techniques;

Our studio is equipped with hi-end bikes Body Bike Smart+. Friendly system of customizing these bikes is unique nowadays just one move and you adjust seatpost, steering and position. During the class you can track your heart rate, speed, calories burned, while ANT + and BLUETOOTH SMART technology allows you to monitor the results of your training progress on your smartphone, smart-watch or fitness-tracker.

For your convenience, you can use special apps BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling or POLAR BEAT, which allows to track training indications right on your smartphone. We highly recommend you to download one of these apps in advance, and well show how to use it.

Whether you cell phone ran out of charge just recharge it from the bike you are riding. Yes, yes just connect your phone with the bike and spin, spin, spin! If you don't have USB charging cable just ask at the front desk.

Specially for you, we have developed a unique design of our bikes. Bright and colourful, aggressive and bold - it will cheer up anyone and create a unique atmosphere during the class.

Feel the Rhythm. Feel the Vibe. Smile and feel Passion in motion. Disco lights are on. All around you is - BOOM! 
Let your thoughts go. Forget all worries. Concentrate on the strength of your body...Feel it. Breath in breath out...SPIN!  You're in the right place. Speed up..and  BOOM BOOM BOOM lets GO!
This class contains series of equipment-free exercises on the mat with the moves adapted to work with just your body and a floor mat for cushioning and support. This is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, cope with back pain and correct posture. For all fitness levels.

Please, book in advance, the number of reservations is limited.
Make Body
Super Strong is a functional training based on exercises which are aimed to develop main muscles, strengthen your body and burn excess fat. Super Strong class helps provide you with the strength, stability, and mobility you need to thrive in your life and sports.
Watt Cycle
Soft stretching will relax your muscles making them more elastic and at the same time will relieve emotional stress. Regular practice prevents your joints from aging and losing mobility. Stretching is highly effective in training muscles of the neck, lower back, arms and all other parts of the body. For all fitness levels.
Cycle RPM
Watt Cycle
CYCLE - this class is recommended for everyone who wants to lose excess weight, increase cardio-endurance and muscles tone, recharge your batteries and relieve negative emotions under the rhythms of incendiary music under the control of our mega-positive team. 45-50 minutes / individual character of each coach / program, built on rules of interval cardio-loads. Each of you will find your rhythm, your style, your Cycle!
Lunch Cycle
CYCLE LUNCHNo spare time in the evening? No desire to wake up early in the morning? Cycle Lunch class is your choice! 30 minutes of cycle for those, who follow the diet and bored at lunch, who is lazy in the morning and tired in the evening, but still desired to stay fit. Just 30 minutes, but the most hot ones! Price includes a glass of your favourite fresh juice. Cycle Lunch is the right way to fulfil yourself with energy and positive for the whole day!