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Appendix No.1 to the offer of the Club LLC "BOOM CICLE"

Club Rules

1. These rules are developed by the Club Administration, so that you can feel safe and comfortable when visiting the club. The rules form an integral part of the contract for the acquisition of a membership card and a one-time visit.

2. The administration of the club reserves the right to change the working hours of the club, change the schedule of group classes and the prices for additional services. You can learn about all the changes from the receptionist at the reception desk, via the "BOOM CICLE" web-page or read at the information stands.

3. Our main goal is to satisfy your desires and needs within the rules of the club. We are always glad to know your feedback on the work of the club, wishes and suggestions, which you can write down and put in a special box at the reception. All comments and suggestions are mandatory passed to the Administration of the club.

4. The magnetization card is issued at the moment of its activation, that is, at your first visit or purchase of the training package.

5. Visit to the club:

     5.1. When you become a member of the club, after you receive your picture at the reception desk for inclusion in the program, you receive a club card, which must be presented at the entrance to the club. The card is handed over to the reception. Without a card, access to the club is less convenient: the reception administrator will have to ask your photo from the database and check the identity document.

     5.2. When visiting for a one-time lesson and in the absence of a club card, you need to create a personal account on the "BOOM CICLE" website and arrange payment and booking of the lesson. Further, the staff of the club will be aware of your visit. On a one-time visit, you can always contact the club by phone.

     5.3. At the reception you will receive a key to the locker in the locker room. Face towels are given to each customer free of charge before the session. The towel for the body can be rented at the reception for 100 rubles.

     5.4. Valuable things you can leave in a special cell in the reception area, the key of which will be provided by the administrator.

     5.5. We ask you to certainly put the outer clothing in the wardrobe (the hanger at the entrance to the club), or hang in your locker in the locker room, and use the change shoes (shoe covers) to enter the club.

     5.6. To store clothes, use the locker with the help of an electronic key-bracelet. The client has the right to choose any convenient locker. The electronic key-bracelet remembers the number of the chosen locker and is a unique key to only one single locker of the client. Detailed instructions for using the electronic wristband key can be obtained from the studio staff.

     5.7. During classes, use sportswear and shoes that are appropriate for the type of exercise. Recommended clothes for bike training: a light breathable top and comfortable bottom, or shorts. Special bike-shoes are given at the reception desk with a preliminary indication of the size of the shoes when booking a training session and must be given along with the key from the locker. Classes can also be visited in their own comfortable sneakers. In the gym, you can only stay in a closed exchangeable sports shoes. In the reception area, a bar, a gym and a group practice room, it is forbidden to be with a bare torso. Being in the club, you can use a number of Club services, the cost of which is indicated in the relevant price lists. The club provides an opportunity to use additional services that are not included in the cost of the club card: personal training, fitness bar, closed mini-groups, etc.

     5.8. Additional services are paid only at the reception desk until the moment of providing the service in cash or by card (non-cash payment).

     5.9. When leaving the club, make sure that you have not left your personal belongings in the locker.

     5.10. Please do not leave a rented towel and issued bicycle shoes in the locker room, please return them to the reception along with an electronic key-bracelet.

     5.11. If you used a cell for valuables, do not forget to pick them up and return the key to the administrator.

     5.12. At the reception desk, when you return the key to the administrator of the locker and towel, you get back your club card. In case of loss or damage to a towel, card, bracelet key or other material assets, a penalty is provided in accordance with the tariffs of the Club.

     5.13. We ask you not to disturb other visitors of the club with loud conversations, noisy behavior, do not use obscene expressions, take any other actions that violate the comfortable atmosphere of the club.

     5.14. The territory of the club is a non-smoking area. The appearance in the club in a state of intoxication is excluded.

     5.15. It is not allowed to bring food, alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, animals and plants, flammable and toxic substances, weapons to the club.

     5.16. We advise you to refrain from using chewing gum during training - this is dangerous for your health.

     5.17. Please do not conduct video, photography or sound recording without our written permission.

     5.18. We ask you to use the sports equipment accurately and in accordance with its purpose, to remove the sports equipment that you use during the lessons.

     5.19. Please ask for help in setting up exercise bikes and sports equipment for the studio staff. Lead instructor or his assistants (studio staff) will help each client to properly adjust the landing on the stationary bike and answer all questions.

6. The owner of the club card:

     6.1. Should not be in the office premises of the club, intended for employees.

     6.2. Can be on the territory of the club only during club hours in accordance with the type of card. If this rule is violated for more than 15 minutes, the club member must pay the cost of the guest visit.

     6.3. Must comply with the rules of personal hygiene, cleanliness and order in the club, clean up inventory.

     6.4. I must stop my studies and contact the club's staff if I feel unwell.

     6.5. Immediately report the loss of the club card. Club card can only be used by its owner.

     6.6. It is obliged to warn about cancellation of an additional service not later than 12 hours before its occurrence. Otherwise, the service will be written off and the cardholder will have to pay for it as held.

     6.7. Must use the services provided only by the staff of the club. Carrying out personal training by club members is prohibited.

     6.8. Responsible for damage and loss of sports equipment and material values ​​of the club at the rates set in the Club.

     6.9. It is required to have a valid insurance policy with an accident risk cover in its name, otherwise act in accordance with clause 7.4. these rules.

     6.10. When inviting a friend on the basis of a guest visit, he must accompany the guest and be responsible for his behavior. The guest visit must be coordinated with the representatives of the administration of the club.

     6.11. The client is not obliged, but can provide the contact information (phone and name) of the person in case of unforeseen situations. This will be asked for him during a one-time visit to the club, when registering a personal cabinet on the website "BOOM SIKL", at the conclusion of the contract. Providing these data in the interests of the Client and provides an additional security guarantee.

7. Administration of the club:

     7.1. He is not responsible for the possible damage to health received by a member of the club during classes.

     7.2. Strongly recommends to undergo fitness testing before the beginning of classes for advice on training in the club.

     7.3. Strongly recommends that in the presence of chronic diseases and contraindications to the lessons, consult your doctor.

     7.4. In the event that the owner of the club card does not have an existing insurance policy that covers the risk of an accident in his name, the owner of the club card agrees that in the event of circumstances causing damage to the life and health of the owner of the club card or the person represented by him, the owner of the club card is not entitled to demand monetary or other compensation for such harm from the Club.

     7.5. Prohibits on the territory of the club the distribution of advertising products and the posting of ads, the sale of goods and services without the written permission of the Administration.

     7.6. It is not responsible for the inconvenience caused by the provision of preventive maintenance work by communal services, as well as accidents of utility systems and restrictions in this regard on the possibility of using a number of services included in the club card.

     7.7. When conducting a current or major repair in the club, the right to unilaterally restrict access to the club or suspend the provision of certain services for this period.

     7.8. Preserves the right to limit the training area in connection with the conduct of club events or promotions.

     7.9. Is not responsible for things, money and material values ​​left unattended in any room of the Club.