High intensity training lasts 30/45/60 minutes, during this time you can reboot, completely disconnect from stress and problems. Exercise is a set of fairly simple movements, during which your legs, buttocks, back and arms acquire a tone, and the cardiovascular system receives an excellent cardio load. Choose a comfortable duration and level of power load, and our experienced and incendiary trainers will follow the quality of the exercises and light with you!
Power Engineering
On cycling in BOOM is never boring! Each coach has his own energy and unique playlists that will give you a tremendous charge and inspiration, the strength to spin on and never stop! We believe in the power of music that will help you to move to the forest path, the road along the ocean, and overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, and after training too.! Go!
After intensive cardio training, the body is completely renewed, the consciousness is bright and clean, adrenaline gives a wonderful mood and inspires new achievements. You reach the GOAL in training, overcoming obstacles that are in the way of your body and mind. And after that your attitude and approaches to GOAL in life change: now you know the feeling of lightness and excitement in overcoming obstacles, and you have new experience and strength.
Why we
We pedal to distract, dissolve in motion, in music. Become stronger, overcome obstacles and, in the end, become the best version of yourself. We believe that training with us will change your body and mind. Turn the pedals in our rhythm, with us. Together we are stronger.